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Chelsea Old Town Hall

The Bride at Chelsea Town Hall

The stairs at Chelsea Town Hall, in the waiting area, gives the opportunity for lovely portraits

Bryden Room

After he kissed the bride!

Confetti on the steps

The iconic Chelsea picture you simply have to have!

Chelsea Town Hall steps

The steps are also good for some formal and informal groups, if time allows...

somewhere in Chelsea...

...and if the steps are busy find a quiet street for your groups!

Oakley Street

Chelsea has some lovely locations within a stone's throw of the Town Hall

Albert Bridge
Albert Bridge
Chelsea Manor St
Oakley Street

Few London wedding venues have quite the cachet enjoyed by Chelsea Town Hall - from the long list of celebrities who have tied the knot here to the iconic and unmissable confetti picture on the steps, Chelsea Town Hall is indeed a special place to get married.

I have been fortunate to photograph many weddings at Chelsea and I am on their suppliers list for wedding photographers.

After the marriage ceremony and pictures at Chelsea Town Hall why not take advantage of the wonderful locations in and around Chelsea?

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